Diwali Decorating Ideas

Diwali, the brightest and the most famous festival in India.

Unlike other festivals and celebrations of Diwali extends over five days. Diwali festival represents the invasion of good thoughts and deeds on the evil tendencies. Each of the five days has a special significance and different rituals. I follow all the rituals and religious rites, lights up my heart and mind with pure mind spiritually. Although it’s a celebration of five days, but the preparation and anxiety starts coming weeks, we start cleaning and preparing delicacies and decorate our homes early.

I hope that most of you are with the cleansing stage, and now should be looking for some ideas Decoration Diwali. Even here in 3D I share some basic tips to decorate your home for Diwali in collaboration with Chalon of Templebells (Check out her beautiful round home here), who shared the images of her gorgeous bathed in sparkles of lights during the Diwali and I’ll be sharing ideas on how you too can achieve the look .

Although there are a number of decorative elements that can cheer up area this holiday season, but here I am sharing three that tops my list this Diwali.


Also it is known as Diwali Deepavli, which shows a row of light (deep = light + Avali = row), and therefore it is the festival of light. That is why the light is the most important element in the decoration of Diwali. Here is how Chalon included on the light and harmony in her decor.

My suggestion to achieve this look is

Light up every corner of your home using the lamps and lanterns, crockery (diyas) and candles, but keep in mind that the overall appearance should not look cluttered and overdone. Harmony is the key to creating a warm and welcoming look perfect. Create a vignette coffee table by clubbing together candles / diyas / candles of different heights or the size and


To balance the float look at some floating candles in uruli and place it on the ground. Do not forget to light up the brass lamps in the beautiful shapes and placed on a chest of drawers or a console table to pull a look together. While sconces and chandeliers and magic act on the walls and ceiling. This way it will add a light in every corner and angle of your home and make it ready for Diwali.


Decoration Diwali is incomplete without flowers. Flowers add cheer and vitality to the decoration. Of intoxicating fragrance can give rise to a feeling of happiness and relaxation. Look how beautifully presented and Chalon flowers in her home.

My advice to offer attractive flowers is –

Host score around you fill in the magic blanket smell of fresh flowers. Choose a vase interesting and attractive and the establishment of the center of the flower to put on the coffee table.

Trying to color coordinate with the color of the flowers pillows or other accents, such as decorative lanterns or lamps on side tables. Flower arrangement in an elegant way. Flowers with a long leg and then in the middle of a bouquet of flowers comes in some vibrant color to make a little flower arrangement dense followed by some vegetables in various shapes and sizes. Now accessorise coffee table with knick-knacks that go well with a flower centerpiece.

How can I forget the fact that most of us are running short of time during this festival bigger and can not succeed in creating the perfect flower arrangement. Do not worry at all, and I’m here to share all kinds of tips. If you’re in a hurry and then just pick up copper or copper pot (Kalash) that are readily available in every home and fill it with a new set of cloves, Dahlia, chamomile, rose, chrysanthemum or any other flower that you have. Pair it with the matching accessories and you’re ready screen with eye-catching flowers in no time.

If you want to add more character and drama to your decor then do not forget to hang strings of marigold on the walls and curtain rods. This will complete the look festive.


Minerals add a touch of elegance to your decor. Not a matter of silver, brass, bronze or copper minerals are in vogue again, and adds a sense of richness. Meshed beautifully, and will work well. Check out how elegantly Chalon metals were mixed in with the decor.

My advice on how to integrate the metals in decor

diyas copper statues bring an elegant touch to your decor. You can activate your space by displaying a beautiful silver / copper / brass accessories. There is no fixed rule of thumb currently minerals. Attempt to associate with light, and the metal gleam in the warm light sparkle and will create a festive atmosphere is perfect.

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