Give Musical Touch to Your Home

If you like music and everything about it, we have good news for you! While there is no shortage of musical themes to consider when decorating your home, KAM’S DESIGNER ZONE gives you some ideas to bring your passion to your favorite place. Owning gives you the opportunity to paint your canvas the way you like. Ask yourself – would not it be nice to be reminded of your love of music every time you walk into your home?

We know you will love that feeling and therefore we have decided to present some ideas to make musical theme at home! From classic to contemporary interior design, whatever your taste for music, we’ve covered you with some of the coolest, most interesting musical ideas for your home. Ready to breathe new life into your old space, read on to get started

  • Musical ideas for the bedroom – From painting the walls to changing the sheets, one can completely customize the look of your bedroom based on your musical preferences. As the bedroom is often the most comfortable and lively corner in a house, one can really change the styles to make the decor more comfortable and elegant. You can also choose to place a musical instrument in your bedroom to add authenticity and brightness. Accessorize your bedroom with vinyl clocks, curtains, record players, musical posters and paintings and cushions with album art. You can also decorate your bedroom with music stands and conical shelves and keep your album collection with them. Another great addition to do interior decoration to your bedroom is lamps with musical prints and patterns.
  • Musical Ideas for the Kitchen – Do you want to cook some great ideas to renew your modular kitchen? Well for starters, you can go with music based hooks and stands. Art album based spoon holders, bowls and retro glasses are also a simple and DIY way of adding musicality in your modular kitchen decor. If you have old musical instruments with you, you can also use them to turn into a wall clock, a center table or a vase. Painting the shelves of your kitchen with music quotes can also add extra oomph and zing to your boring old space in no time! To keep your kitchen organized with all these things of musical decoration, it is important to understand the possibilities and limitations of your space before you start decorating. Mix and match the color schemes with the kitchen counters to further accent your décor and add a personalized touch to your kitchen corner of the house. Musical notes are a simple and minimalist way of giving your space a refined vintage look. Use old pages of hymns and music sheets and rotate them in a vase to give a contemporary perspective to your kitchen. You can also incorporate tissue boxes and table napkins for daily use. Kitchen rugs are also a fun way to renew your decor without spending a bomb on it. Serve cooking food on trays and handmade musical boards. If you have the option to place the curtains in your kitchen, you can give the heart of your home a complete transformation by choosing music themed curtains based on your favorite genre or style.
  • Musical ideas for the living room – A living room is a perfect space to relax and unwind after a day of work. From traditional and minimalist ideas to extravagant and splendorous, there are many ways to enjoy a musical makeover for your living room. Glam it up with trendy sofa designs that stinks of musical patterns and textures on the outside. Match your cushions with the musical motifs of your living room. You can also place an instrument like the piano to add greatness to your space. Combine it with traditional antique vases and themed music items for a holistic approach to redefining your living room musically. Balance the colors with the lights and shadows in your living room to add an aesthetic. Mix different textures with floors and ceilings using musical themes and patterns to reflect meaning and purpose. As the living room is always full of space, you can include your collection of albums and albums along with music players and home entertainment media to enjoy the  music. Be sure to devote a separate space to them and give it a strong color scheme as it helps to distinguish it from other elements of a living room. If you want a quiet living space, opt for monotonous colors and paint schemes. Some people also like to turn their living room fully into a music room which is a brilliant idea in itself! Choosing aminate flooring and ceilings will help reverberate the sound and give you better acoustics if you are too picky with the sound of your living room. Sofas,chairs, curtains and scatter pads are great means of adding a musical ambience to your living room and can be easily moved around whenever necessary. The wall mounted vinyl shelf can be used to store compartments.

If you like the above ideas and want the musical effect to your home then get the help of interior designer Pune.


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