Wall Art Ideas for Bathroom Decor

The bathroom is a Hard Place to hang wall art, but left bare walls makes the room feel like all decked out in the middle of the road. Steam, and moisture and the elements of different sprays, which are spread all over in the air make decorating the walls of the bathroom challenge. But you can rise to the challenge and decorate those empty spaces and wow your guests with these ideas wall art for the walls of the bathroom.

Creative Materials

Anything Goes to the bathroom decor, it just needs to be made of, or, the type of material that is impervious to moisture covered. It can include pictures of the family, works of art for children and even prohibitively expensive paintings. Scan and print photos, taken to the photo shop to have them in size and coated to prevent them from being damaged by the environment the bathroom. Matting and framing pictures wrappers and proudly display them on your bathroom wall. Do the same artistic work for children and paintings when possible. When it is not possible for the panel, consider printing reproduction cost less to use the bathroom wall art.


Large murals, wall-sized can be painted directly on the shower room or wall mural-sized decorative can be purchased and applied on a bathroom wall in the same way that is applied to the wallpaper. Make sure the paper pointed mural on (when you buy a garment one) and stand up to the moisture that will be exposed to the inside of the bathroom.

Glass or Ceramic

Consider giving up the decorative material paper all together and opt for a decorative ceramic plates, ceramic or any other wall art created from glass or ceramics for use in your interior design. Cutting is not necessarily to be made to hang on the wall to be used as wall art, use your creative imagination when looking at the things to use decorative wall. Vintage window with hand painted glass or stained glass window hanging on the wall adds a decorative element and gives the illusion of a real window in the room. You can even frame the window with the blinds faux decorative layer to another.


Anything made of fabric work well as wall art in the bathroom. Fabric can moisture chemical spraying and materials, and carrying multiple laundering operations to look good as new again. Stick with terry cloth or cotton or poly blend fabric for use in the bathroom, these fabrics will withstand multiple laundering operations before they fade and need to be replaced.


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